Create Stunning Professional Headshots With Your Cell Phone

Our simple tutorial and world-class photo editors deliver beautiful, cohesive, and on-brand headshots for your team within 3 business days.

Create Stunning Professional Headshots With Your Cell Phone

Our simple tutorial and world-class photo editors deliver beautiful, cohesive, and on-brand headshots for your team within 3 business days.

It’s just plain wrong to lose customers and revenue over sloppy and out-dated professional headshots.

Stop the frustration and embarrassment.

Give your customers the confidence that you’re the hero they need. You can do this by showing your best self and team on your website, LinkedIn profile, and communications.

Create Your HeadshotCreate Your Headshot
An embarrassed man holds his face with his hand as he shows his sloppy and out-dated headshot to his colleagues.

Become the hero you were born to be.

All you need is a cell phone to create your headshot.

You take the photo, we’ll handle the rest.

Follow our clear and concise tutorial to create your professional headshot from home, or anywhere in the world.

Your image treated with a human touch.

Your image will be edited to perfection by one of our world-class professional photo editors.

A close up image of the hand of a world-class professional photo editor retouching a Heroic Headshot with a stylus pen and tablet using high-quality headshot retouching software.

Try it for yourself.

Click and drag the sliders to see what your headshot could look like in a variety of colors.

Quick, convenient, cost-effective, quality headshots

Save Time and Money

Reduce your cost of headshots by up to 80% and free up hours of your team’s valuable time by avoiding a long shoot.

Impress Your Clients

Create a cohesive look and feel for your team with high-quality professional headshots.

Avoid the Hassle of Herding Cats

Let us guide and coordinate your team’s headshots. Get automatic updates on how they’re doing.

Sponsorship Opportunities

A unique way to add value to your virtual event and raise money from sponsorships.

All You Need is Your Phone

Our easy to follow instructions will turn your smart phone into a professional photo studio.

Do It From Home

We provide you with the tools to capture a professional quality headshot from the comfort of your home.

Stand out from the competition.

Customizable packages to meet your needs.

IndividualsCreate Your Headshot Today

$ 50

Per Headshot
  • Concise Headshot Tutorial Video
  • Personalized High-End Retouching
  • Backdrop of Your Choice
  • 3-Day Turnaround
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Create Your Headshot

TeamsContact us for a free consult!

$ Request a Quote

Per Month
  •  All Individual Headshot Benefits+
  • Uniform Backdrops and Aesthetic
  • System to Coordinate Your Team
  •  Automated Headshot Reminders
  • Customize to Match Your Branding
I Have a Team

ConferencesContact us for a free consult!

$ Request Quote

Per Month
  • All Individual Headshot Benefits+
  • Custom Branded Landing Page
  • Customized Delivery Emails
  • Contact List of Participants
  • Unlimited Live Support
Find Out More

Are there more plans?

We recognize that every person and organization is different. That is why we will come up with a plan that fits you and your team’s unique needs. To get started, contact us for a free consultation providing us with details such as group size and turnaround time.

Plan Discounts

We love working with mission-driven people and organizations. In order to serve as many of these people as possible, we offer price discounts for non-profit organizations, larger groups, and conferences. To learn more about discounts, contact us with information about your group and we will provide you with a rate that works for your unique situation.

You’re only 3 steps away from being a hero.

To Create Your Professionally Edited Headshot:


Sign Up and Let Us Guide You

No matter who you are, our step-by-step instructions will walk you through everything you need to know to capture and upload your Heroic Headshot.

Photograph and Upload Your Headshot

Our world-class editing team will transform your image from a selfie into a professional quality headshot.

Your Headshot is Retouched by a Professional and Delivered to Your Inbox

In three business days, you will receive a personalized email containing your Heroic Headshot.
Circle Free PDF. 7 Qualities of a winning headshot: Attract the Client or Job of Your Dreams with Heroic Headshots

Download our free PDF guide

7 Qualities of a Winning Headshot: Attract The Client or Job of Your Dreams

We’ve packed over a decade of experience shooting and editing thousands of headshots for elite entrepreneurs, companies and organizations into this unique PDF.

We don’t just care about great professional headshots.

We care about making you look and feel your best.

With over a decade of experience, we’ve photographed and edited thousands of headshots — From private sessions to massive organized headshot events.

This is how we know what looks great and how to coach you so you shine in front of the camera. Whether you’re starting out on your own or coordinating hundreds of individuals, we make sure your headshots won’t just be great, they’ll be heroic.

Be the Hero.

Rid the World of Embarrassing Headshots.

Create your beautiful new professional headshot today.

Create Your HeadshotCreate Your Headshot